Aquaculture Conference

Aquaculture conference: To the Next 40 Years of Sustainable Global Aquaculture

3rd -7th November 2013

Palacio de Congresos de Canarias, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Aquaculture 2013 was a great success with over 400 participants attending, many innovative and original presentations and a buzzing atmosphere. Click here for a full round-up of the conference published on the Aquaculture Without Frontier website.

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If you’ve missed the conference, or if you would like to revisit the keynote lectures, you can now watch Aquaculture 2013 online. These free online presentations, brought to you with the support of Novus Aquaculture, can be accessed by all.

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Session Chairs

Brian Austin, University of Stirling, UK
Barry Costa-Pierce, University of New England USA
Ed Donaldson, West Vancouver Laboratory, Canada
Delbert Gatlin, Texas A&M University, USA
Gideon Hulata, Agricultural Research Organization, Israel
David Little, University of Stirling, UK

This conference will not only celebrate the last 40 years of outstanding science accomplishments in aquaculture it will identify the top science challenges for the next generation of global aquaculture.

The conference will be essential for helping assist in a generational change to new leaders for the next science accomplishments needed to double global aquaculture production.

You should attend if you are at the cutting edge of science understanding genetics, diseases, feeds, ecological interactions, and sustainable systems.

Topics List

  • Aquaculture hatcheries: Science advances and future research needs
  • Combining marker assisted selection with classic selection programs
  • Transdisciplinary research needs for the expansion of aquaculture in rural economies
  • Raw materials and feed ingredients needed for the future of aquaculture
  • Interactions of aquaculture and the environment
  • Research institutions and research strategies in aquaculture
Free webinar on 24 October

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